Bookshopping in the Classroom during a Pandemic

Safely and responsibly operating classroom libraries during the COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly require creativity. Germs can spread easily and unintentionally, and while the CDC mentioned the risk of contracting the virus from coming in contact with shared children’s books is low, it’s still a good idea to take precautions. Pernille Ripp’s post (and tweets) had some very good ideas about how to create safe environments for classroom libraries. Here’s my take on how to run one.

Given most teens are well-versed with videos, I think presenting the most popular classroom library books with a book trailer will help excite students about reading, and ensure students have minimal opportunity to spread germs to their classmates. For books that don’t circulate as often, there could be a digital catalogue with a brief synopsis.

After watching book trailers and perusing the digital catalogue, students will be able to electronically sign up for what book(s) they would like to read — this sign-up process could be as simple as a shared classroom Google doc, or as complex as an app.

Once students have read their books and are ready to return them, they’ll be placed in a quarantine container that will be exposed to UV rays for 72 hours before returning to the classroom library.

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